Web Accessibility Assessments

Are you concerned about the accessibility of your organization's web site?

  • Does the site comply with the Section 508 web accessibility standards?
  • Does my web site satisfy the Priority 1 Web Content Accessibility Checkpoints from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)?
  • What about other WCAG conformance levels, Level A, Level AA, or Level AAA?
  • Does my site meet the new Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, WCAG 2.0? At the same conformance level?

Those are important questions today; they are questions that I can explain and that I can answer for you in detail and with care.

There are lots of companies offering web accessibility assessments but none have the experience, background, knowledge and sensitivity to the issues that I have.

I was the vice chair of the Advisory Committee impaneled by the Access Board to draft standards for Section 508. I was a member of the WAI working group that drew up the Web Content Accessibility guidelines and continue to monitor the activities Web Accessibility Initiative working groups. I wrote the Section 508 Web Accessibility course for ITTATC and I am the lead coauthor of Web Accessibility: Web Standards and Regulatory Compliance, published by Friends of Ed, 2006. Before retiring from IBM in March of 2000, I led the accessibility effort in IBM's Accessibility Center, especially the development of the IBM Accessibility Guidelines.

My report will tell you what accessibility problems there are on your site, where those problems are to be found and how they can and should be fixed. The format of the report varies depending on your preferences, the site size, and the extent of the accessibility problems. We can work out the details together.

How long does it take? Of course that depends on a lot of things, but the range is typically between ten and fifty hours. You can speed up the process by providing me with a list of typical pages that you feel are representative of your site.

With my report we can discuss the issues, we can have that discussion with managers, with executives and with web designers and developers. We can have those discussions on conference calls or in person. Often the client just hands off my report to the web team, and then I recheck the site when the changes are made.

After the report and possible conversations, you may then be interested in investing in some Web Accessibility training for your web development staff and managers.

Please contact me for a quote or for additional information.

Web Accessibility Training

I have had lots of experience in accessibility training for clients like NASA and P & G, for Access U and CalWAC put on by Knowbility and for CSUN, the California State University at Northridge Conference on Technology for People with Disabilities. Through those efforts I also know a network of experts that can present specific accessibility areas if desired. Both CSUN and Knowbility offer technical accessibility training that may fill your need and be cost effective. I would be glad to work with you to tailor a training program that fits your needs.

For a quote or estimate, please contact me (my email address is hidden, it is jim @ this domain) or use my contact form. I will respond quickly. If you prefer, call me at: (512) 306-0931.

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