Web Accessibility: Web Standards and Regulatory Compliance

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Another great book on web accessibility has just been published: Web Accessibility: Web Standards and Regulatory Compliance by Jim Thatcher, Michael R. Burks, Christian Heilmann, Shawn Lawton Henry, Andrew Kirkpatrick, Patrick H. Lauke, Bruce Lawson, Bob Regan, Richard Rutter, Mark Urban, and Cynthia Waddell, published by Friends of Ed, July, 2006, ISBN: 1590596382. You can order the book now from Amazon.com.

Some of my chapters of the book expand on the content of the Web Accessibility tutorial that you will find here, including much more detail on techniques for web accessibility and on the way assistive technology responds to web content both with and without accessible coding techniques.

Sample content

My chapter on Accessibility Testing is available here as was the corresponding chapter for the first book. Chapter 6, Creating Accessible Content, is available in PDF format from Friends of Ed. Shawn Laughton Henry has included her Understanding Web Accessibility, Chapter 1 on her site.

An accessible version of the book

If you have purchased the book and need an accessible HTML version because of a print disability, then Contact me and I will see to it that you get the accessible version.

Table of Contents

Here's the Table of Contents of Web Accessibility: Web Standards and Regulatory Compliance.

    • Chapter 1: Understanding Web Accessibility
    • Chapter 2: Overview of Law and Guidelines
    • Chapter 3: Implementing Accessibility in the Enterprise
    • Chapter 4: Overview of Accessible Technologies
    • Chapter 5: Assistive Technology: Screen Readers and Browsers
    • Chapter 6: Accessible Content
    • Chapter 7: Accessible Navigation
    • Chapter 8: Accessible Data Input
    • Chapter 9: CSS for Accessible Web Pages
    • Chapter 10: Accessible JavaScript
    • Chapter 11: Accessible Flash
    • Chapter 12: PDF Accessibility
    • Chapter 13: Accessibility Testing
    • Chapter 14: Introduction to WCAG 2.0
    • Chapter 15: Retrofitting Case Study: Redesign of a University Website
    • Chapter 16: U.S. Web Accessibility Law in Depth
    • Chapter 17: Worldwide Accessibility Laws and Policies
    • Appendix A: Glossary of Terms
    • Appendix B: Guide to the Section 508 Standards for Electronic and Information Technology
    • Appendix C: Overview of PAS 78 Guide to Good Practice in Commissioning Accessible Websites

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