Infinite thanks to my husband, Karl, my amazingly intuitive voice-recognition software.

Shawn Lawton Henry

Thanks to Zeldman and Shawn Lawton Henry, whose conversations in 2001 planted the seed of the idea for the first edition of this book, and Lou Barr who believed in that idea. Big respect to my fellow WaSP Task Force members, and Julie Howell, Rachel Andrew, Bob Regan, Isofarro, and Joe Clark, whose research and advocacy have taken accessibility into the mainstream.

Bruce Lawson

I'd like to thank my friends and colleagues at Clearleft, Jeremy Keith and Andy Budd, for their support and advice in writing my chapter. Thanks must also go to my technical reviewers, Gez Lemon and Bruce Lawson, for their invaluable insight, suggestions, and of course, corrections; and to Marilyn Smith for sterling work in organizing my thoughts. Last but not least, thank you Wendy for putting up with me.

Richard Rutter